NorthernBUG 7


NorthernBUG returns with its 7th meeting after a COVID-19 holt. Yet, it comes back with strength, appetite and a new way of understanding gatherings.

NorthernBUG7 will be hosted this time as a hybrid event. While in-person attendees will have access to the collaborative nature of this community-led event, talks will also be streamed online, providing Q&A channels for virtual participants.

The meeting will start at 12 pm with a lunch, and finish at 5 pm, followed by drinks at a local pub.



Time Speaker Presentation
12:00-13:00 All Lunch
13:00-13:10 Krzysztof Poterlowicz Welcome remarks / Housekeeping notes
13:10-13:20 Martin Wolstencroft Infrastructure for bioinformatics: impressions and challenges
13:20-13:30 Mark Dunning Reproducible Bioinformatics workflows with nextflow
13:30-13:40 Katarzyna Kamieniecka Enabling FAIR in silico data analyses with Nextflow workflow framework
13:40-13:50 Elton Vasconcelos Ad hoc dual conda environment-based container for alkaline waste-contaminated topsoil metagenomics data analysis
13:50-14:00 Matthew Parker TEPI2ME Labs: Bioinformatics of anything, anywhere, by anyone
14:00-14:20 All Panel discussion with presenters
14:20-14:30   1 min Poster Teaser talks
14:30-15:30 All Coffee Break and Poster Session
15:30-15:40 Xenia Perez-Sitja Data Stewardship –professionalising an invaluable role
15:40-15:50 Andrew Mason Undervalued housekeeping: remapping of The Cancer Genome Atlas identifies missing genes and tumour heterogeneity
15:50-16:00 Khaled Jumah ELIXIR-hCNV: Galaxy workflows and training
16:00-16:10 Jarek Bryk Chimeric sequences in RAD-seq
16:10-16:20 Sara Morsy In the Era of individualized medicine, how FAIR genomic data can drive clinical decision: A case study on autism spectrum disorders
16:20-16:40 All Panel discussion with presenters
16:40-16:50 All Closing Remarks
17:00- All Drinks - Bradford BrewDog, 11 Great Horton Rd, BD7 1AJ

What to expect

NorthernBUG meetings are open to anyone interested in bioinformatics or its application in life science research. Meetings are free, and the host institution covers costs. We encourage researchers in the early stages of their careers to attend and present their work. It’s a great forum to practise your talks, float new ideas and approaches, and present early work.

We welcome research presentations from industry or commercial attendees, sponsorship is also welcome.


Use the form to register at no cost to attend both in-person and online. We’ll send you a confirmation email and further details closer to the event date.

Registration form

Registration deadline: 6 September 2022

Location and how to get there

Norcroft Conference Centre 9 Tumbling Hill St Bradford BD7 1DB

Coming to the meeting by public transport is strongly recommended. The Conference Centre is a short walk from both Bradford Foster Square and the Interchange rail and bus station.