Our meetings are based on the format pioneered by NextGenBUG.

NorthernBUG meetings are open to anyone interested in bioinformatics or its application in life science research and beyond. Meetings are free and costs covered by the host institution. We encourage researchers in the early stages of their career to attend and present their work. It’s a great forum to practice your talks, float new ideas and approaches, and present early work.

We welcome research presentations from industry or commercial attendees, sponsorship is also welcome.

We start meetings with a free lunch, we have two sessions with coffee somewhere in the middle. Refreshments afterwards are served in a local pub.

We will upload presentations here:

Upcoming Meetings

Meeting Date Institute City

Past Meetings

Meeting Date Institute City
NorthernBUG|1 14 May 2018 University of York York
NorthernBUG|2 14 September 2018 University of Sheffield Sheffield
NorthernBUG|3 14 January 2019 Newcastle University Newcastle
NorthernBUG|4 26 April 2019 University of Bradford Bradford
NorthernBUGTrainers|1 9 July 2019 University of Sheffield Sheffield
NorthernBUG|5 9 September 2019 University of Hull Hull
NorthernBUG|6 24 January 2020 University of Leeds Leeds
NorthernBUG|7 0 TBA 2020 TBA Liverpool
NorthernBUG|8 0 TBA 2020 TBA Manchester
NorthernBUG|9 0 TBA 2021 TBA Huddersfield