NorthernBUG 9


The organising committee for nothernBUG9 is, in alphabetical order: Eva Caamano Gutierrez, Matthew Gemmell, Emily Johnson, Jamie Soul. Emails should be directed to Jamie at

The meeting will take place on 16th June in TR4, 502 Teaching Hub, University of Liverpool. The building is located within a 15 min walk from the Liverpool Lime Street train station.


If you have a suggestion you’d like us (or organisers of the next meeting) to take on board, let us know!

Time Speaker Presentation Information
10:00-10:30 Registration opens and Tea/coffee   Registration available all day
10:30-11:30 Liverpool CBF Introduction to machine learning with tidymodels Genomics application focused examples and to be recorded
11:30-12:00 Panel led discussion Teaching in bioinformatics  
12:00-13:00 Lunch break with posters    
13:00-13:15 Welcome notes    
13:15-13:55 Rachel Queen Bioinformatic strategies for analysing single cell and spatial transcriptomics PI
13:55-14:15 Vlad Ungureanu An integrative network approach to the stratification of muscle-invasive bladder cancer PhD student
14:15-14:35 Suraj Verma Genome-scale metabolic model and multi-omics data integration using machine learning for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. PhD student
14:35-14:45 Poster Teaser Talks (1 min)    
14:45-15:30 Coffee + poster session break    
15:30-15:50 Jarek Bryk maudr, an R package-to-be that enables simulation of an arbitrary number of datasets on inhibition kinetics of alcohol dehydrogenase PI
15:50-16:10 Yun Wah Lam Navigating the Human Protein Atlas to map the composition of extracellular matrix proteins in normal and cancer tissues PI
16:10-16:30 Matthew Gemmell Peanut Butter on the High seas or: How to create eukaryote genome assemblies like the Darwin Tree of Life Project ECR
16:30-17:00 Prizes, closing discussion + networking DoughBar (next to the train station)  

What to expect

NorthernBUG meetings are open to anyone interested in bioinformatics or its application in life science research. Meetings are free, and the host institution covers costs. Lunch is provided!

We’ve now selected talks and posters from submitted abstracts to finalise the agenda, but you can still register to attend.

Selected talks will be 15 mins with 5 mins of questions. Posters and talks will be judged and prizes will be awarded for the top scoring.

We may be able to offer a small bursary for those with caring responsibilities who would otherwise not be able attend the meeting carers award. Please contact the organisers for further details.


Resigration has now closed. Attendees will be sent


150 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool